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Intercom Systems

Joda Technical Solutions provides a complete range of intercom systems in greater Brisbane.

We install, repair, maintain and commissioned all types of audio & video intercom systems.

What is an Intercom?

An intercom is electronic intercommunication device that allows two or more people carry on a conversation over a wired circuit through different rooms or compartments in a structure (i.e. buildings).

Intercoms are mostly found mounted permanently with the building. There are intercom stations for private residential buildings and apartments, for prisons and prison vans, for ships and aircrafts, for hospitals and emergency points, etc.

Intercoms can be audio only, video or a combination of both audio and video.

Why Do I Need an Intercom?

  • Intercom systems provide a high level of security and peace of mind;
  • Intercom systems enable users to communicate between different home or office areas;

Audio or Video?

An audio only intercom system enables to receive calls from the front door or some other door on the outside of the building.

When a visitor arrives, they press a button that alerts one or multiple room stations and then the people inside the building can talk to them by pressing a button or by picking up a handset.

You can even press a button to unlock the door if you have an electric door strike installed.

Video intercoms are getting more popular now. They are more affordable than they were, and in addition to sound they offer colour images, with picture memory and zoom option.

The obvious advantage of a video intercom system is that users can safely see their potential visitors without opening the door.

Wireless or Wired?

The major benefits of a wireless intercom system over a traditional wired system is that since no wires have to be run, installation is much easier and faster. The system can be also easily moved or carried around.

Traditional wired intercom systems involve running the cable between the outside entrance station and the handsets inside the building as well as routing wires from one room to another.

The intercom wiring is similar to telephone wires which can easily be installed and hidden inside the walls or floor mouldings during new construction or building renovation.

Wired intercoms provide good quality, clear and reliable communication.

DIY or use a Professional?

There are many people that would prefer a DIY intercom system just because they like to do things themselves.

With a DIY intercom they can save money and choose only the equipment they need without any extras.

However, even the best and most expensive intercom system won’t work if it is installed incorrectly.

Most domestic and apartment intercom systems must be installed and properly wired by a qualified and certified technician.

At Joda our highly trained professional security installers will offer affordable door entry solutions for homes and businesses throughout the Brisbane city area.

Free quotes and onsite inspections are available upon request.

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